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I know a number of you that visit this site go to school and many of you are finishing up your year around this time. For many that means taking a break from studying, maybe a vacation (or holiday)…even if it is a short temporary one. At the time of writing this post, I am taking a short break and enjoying time with my family away from the typical weekly schedule. I truly hope you have a moment sometime this year to take a step back as well.

In terms of working on your improvisation I believe it is good to take a step back every now and then from practicing to clear your mind and get away. I believe that actually helps solidify what you have been working on and will stick greater in the long run. I find that when I come back to the woodshed that my perspective is fresh, new ideas pop up and the joy of playing gets renewed.

So go for it! Take a break every now and then and get your mind off the music for a short time. I do not suggest long periods away from your instrument, but a few days here and there throughout the year. Just remember to relax


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