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"Deserving of wider attention."

Robert D. Rusch

Cadence Magazine New York, NY


Kalyca McGuire


No 'second takes.' Every J's Ruckus album is recorded live. What you see & hear is what you get! WE DID IT LIVE


Cover bands flood the local scene. No cover tunes here...we do ALL original music that is meant to uplift your moment


We're not run by a record label, managers, or other corporate influence. This allows us to create OUR music for YOU


Free Jazz Improvisation Resources

jazz etudes

Jazz Etudes

Two Jazz Etudes in one download and play-along. Work on your phrasing and articulation in a slow, medium, and fast tempo.

Jazz Practice Routine

Jazz Trumpet Routine

Rest as long as you play by alternating with someone else virtually. All while getting a Jazz-focused workout!

creative jazz composition

Creative Jazz Composition

A lesson on diatonic harmony that comes with a 51-page PDF for a quick shortcut to putting together diatonic progressions.