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J's Ruckus

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Hi, my name is Jason Klobnak and I’m a jazz musician, author, and educator that helps musicians find a better way to improvise.


Whether you are looking for straight-ahead jazz or hip-hop influenced fusion, this is what you get with our bands:

100% Independent

I’m not run by a record label, managers, or other corporate influence. This allows me to create music and content for YOU

Original Music​

Cover bands flood the local scene. No cover tunes here…we do ALL original music that is meant to uplift your moment

What They’re Saying

Don’t take my word for it.

Here are some reviews from press, students, and customers:

Deserving of wider attention

Robert D. Rusch – on JKQ
Cadence Magazine New York, NY


Kalyca McGuire​ – on J’s Ruckus
Arapahoe Pinnacle Littleton, CO

I am quite impressed with this book, such a crucial technique for Jazz. Students deserve a thorough and complete book like this one

David valdez​ – on Targeting book
Casa Valdez Studios Portland, OR

Jazz Etudes

Learning Jazz Improvisation doesn’t have to be hard. One of my recommended ways beyond my Targeting principles is to learn from etudes.


These are a few samples of my bands J’s Ruckus, the Jason Klobnak Quartet (with a Hammond B-3 centered rhythm section), and the Jason Klobnak Quintet.

J’s Ruckus
Jason Klobnak Quartet
Jason Klobnak Quintet

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