The Jason Klobnak Quartet is Denver, Colorado's premier Organ Quartet. Performing infectious originals with a B3 organ centered rhythm section; they blend hard bop, soul, gospel, and other world rhythms to create a memorable Jazz experience.

What They Have To Say…

Hark The Herald has a more Modern Jazz or Crossover Jazz feel than the JKQ records, and it should therefor appeal in multiple formats (no reason Pop, AC, or FM outlets shouldn’t give it some play). What I like especially, though, is that, even with a more modern sound, the Jazz didn’t disappear…Sweet Mother of God! That is manna from heaven. That is where I live. Sweet Jesus!  
Martin JohnsStubby's Christmas


The JKQ: Friends & Family (released March 2018), New Chapter (Top 75 on Jazzweek), Mountain, Move (Best Recordings of 2013), and Hark the Herald (very well reviewed).

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