In Person Lessons - Jason Klobnak Music

In Person Lessons

In Person lessons to help get answers to questions that fit YOU. All lessons are tailored to fit your needs. While I do teach/coach concepts, I do not do a “one size fits all” approach. Answers to questions like:


  • Where do I start?
  • How can I connect my ideas better?
  • How do I stop wandering when soloing?
  • How can I get past my current plateau? 
  • How much theory do I need to know to be a good improviser?
  • Is there more to improvising then just playing X scale over X chord?



  • How can I improve my tone?
  • How can I improve my endurance?
  • How can I improve my range?
  • Am I playing efficiently?
  • Is my equipment helping or hindering me?

Spots are available in my home studio for improvisation, trumpet or theory lessons. Weekly ($65/hr or 35/half), one time lessons or a la carte ($75/hr or 45/half) options are available. To schedule a lesson send me an email at Skype lessons are also available for those not looking to travel to Highlands Ranch, CO. Let me know if you heard about my lessons from Facebook!