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Get Out!

We have an abundance of ways to stay connected with one another these days. We have social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We have online music stores and music players. We should be even more connected then generations past, yet I believe we are one of the most isolated generations to date. We can “connect” online, but we lose the face-to-face interaction. I mentioned this in some past posts regarding Independence in Improvisation (we need to play with others and not just play-alongs) and The Jam (interacting with new musicians at a jam session).

In this week’s post I want to talk about the importance of supporting live music. The kind where you do not take your instrument. You are there to support fellow musicians and support your local music scene. It is important because it gets you out of your house, connects you with fellow musicians (hang afterwards and tell the musicians they sounded good) and gives you an opportunity to open your ears to how others approach the music. I would even encourage you to go to concerts that might not be jazz for a different perspective on melody, harmony, rhythm, syncopation, etc.

A local music scene is only as good as its supporters. Be a part of the scene not just as a performer, but as a supporter. Try to get out at least once a week, if not more. Grab your friends, spouse, kids, etc and find a concert to attend. Put it on your calendar so you do not forget-this will help you stick to your commitment.

So, what do you say? Who are you going to check out this week? There are some musicians I am going to check out here in Denver this week. Leave a comment and let us know your music community and who you are going to see!

Maybe you are not sure who to go check out in your area. That is why starting next week I am going to start a new series called Discovery. I want to highlight some different artists (known and unknown) across the planet so you can check them out. This way if you are ever in their area you can go and check them out!



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