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Discovery-United Kingdom

In this week’s Discovery series-we take a trip to the United Kingdom. The U.K., also known as Britain, is off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. Like many of the other Western Europe destinations we have visited with this series; the U.K. is famous for many things from music, art, architecture and history.  The U.K. has been home to some great jazz musicians born there as well as those who have made it their home. This wonderful country has embraced jazz in its various forms and is home to a number of clubs, educational institutions and jazz festivals.

As with our past locations, the goal is to introduce you to 3 new musicians each week from different parts of the world. My hope is you will find some new discoveries, support them by buying their albums and by attending their concerts if you are in their area (or they in yours). Another benefit is for you to hear new musicians and how they approach their instrument and jazz. You never know where you might find your next favorite line!

The U.K. has some of the world’s greatest musicians from all parts. As with our other places in the Discovery series; it is difficult to narrow down just 3 musicians. Among many other iconic jazz spots in the U.K., when I think of the U.K. and Jazz I immediately think of Ronnie Scotts in London. I had the privilege of checking this venue out in person back in the Summer of 2001.

Like mentioned with other great Western European countries; the U.K. has been the home to a number of jazz musicians known and unknown. Hopefully the musicians below are people you will start checking out (if you have not already).

Steve Waterman– trumpet
Ivo Neame– piano
Adam Waldmann– sax

These are just a few of literally hundreds of great jazz musicians you can find in and/or from the U.K. If you have checked out these musicians above, be sure to check out their websites and albums to support them. I would also highly encourage you to look up other great British musicians and see what this great country has to offer in terms of Jazz.



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