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Discovery-Colorado, USA


Up until this week our Discovery series has been locations other than the United States. This week I wanted to start adding in some locations from the U.S. to the series starting with where I live- Colorado! I believe Colorado (specifically the Denver/Front Range area) is one of the greatest beds of jazz talent you will find. Many famous jazz musicians were born and raised in the area and a number of international jazz artists currently make their home here too. You could dedicate an entire website to all of the talent that comes from Colorado. Hopefully my friends and colleagues will not be too upset if I forget to mention them!

As with our past locations, the goal is to introduce you to 3 new musicians each week from different areas. My hope is you will find some new discoveries, support them by buying their albums and by attending their concerts if you are in their area (or they in yours). Another benefit is for you to hear new musicians and how they approach their instrument and jazz. You never know where you might find your next favorite line!

Many of the videos below were recorded live at what I believe to be one of THE BEST jazz clubs in the world…Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge. It boasts many awards (for food as well as best jazz club), it frequently has some of the best jazz musicians in the world play there and has a great owner and staff that work hard to promote this music.

For the Discovery list I am going to include myself because today happens to be the day that my band (the Jason Klobnak Quintet) releases our album Mountain, Move. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc. I hope you check out our promo below and support the album. Part of the proceeds go towards helping getting women and children out of human trafficking. Each month on this site I will be featuring an organization that proceeds will be going.

Like mentioned last week with Italy; Colorado has been the home to a number of jazz musicians known and unknown. Hopefully the musicians below are people you will start checking out (if you have not already).

Jason Klobnak– trumpet
Josh Quinlan– sax
Aakash Mittal– sax

These are just a few of literally hundreds of great jazz musicians you can find in and/or from Colorado. If you have checked out these musicians above, be sure to check out their websites and albums to support them. Below is a list of some AMAZING jazz musicians you will find in Colorado. I  highly encourage you to look them up and see what this great state has to offer in terms of Jazz.

Colorado Jazz Musicians (in no particular order):

Ron Miles, Greg Gisbert, Diane Reeves, Jovan Jackson, Tia Fuller, Brad Goode, Al Hood, Bob Montgomery, Eric Gunnison, Nelson Rangell, Lynn Baker, Todd Reid, Jeff Jenkins, Ken Walker, Mike Marlier, John Gunther, Rich, Chiaraluce, Paul Romaine, Mark Simon, Dave Devine, Greg Garrison, Bijoux Barbosa, Keith Oxman, Gabe Mervine, Jon Parker, Ian Hutchison, Paul Mullikin, Elijah Samuels, Annie Booth, Alwyn Robinson, Matt Fuller, Josh Moore, etc. This list could go on forever, but these were just a few that popped into my mind as I was writing. Hopefully you check some of them out!


About the Author jasonklobnak

Jason Klobnak is a versatile trumpet player that has been performing as an active musician, author, clinician, composer and educator. His band, J's Ruckus, is Denver's blend of Post-Bop, Soul, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. They perform infectious and up-lifting originals for audiences hungry for a memorable live experience. J's Ruckus released their latest album, Suck Less, in March of 2020 and their first EP, Sermons, in July of 2019. Both were recorded live in front of an audience. Suck Less was recorded to a packed auditorium at Arapahoe Community College's Waring Theater in Littleton, CO. Sermons was recorded in front of a sold out crowd at the Soiled Dove Underground.  The JKQ (the Jason Klobnak Quintet/Quartet) is Mr. Klobnak's Hammond B-3 centered groups. The JKQ released their third full-length album in March of 2018 called Friends & Family. It has been very well reviewed, on numerous Top 10 lists for Jazz radio stations across the country (including Denver's KUVO 89.3FM which named it May 2018's CD of the month), and in Jazzweek's Top 100. Each composition was written for specific family and close friends (that might as well be family). Their second album, New Chapter, was recorded in part thanks to the Pathways to Jazz Grant from the Boulder County Arts Alliance. In 2015 and 2016, New Chapter was in the Top 75 on the Jazzweek charts and on the Top 10 playlists for over a dozen radio stations worldwide. Their first album, Mountain, Move made the Best Recordings of 2013 list from by C. Michael Bailey. His very well reviewed Christmas single, Hark the Herald, in 2016 as part of a creative project with musicians James Roberson and Nathaniel Kearney Jr. Besides the JKQ, Mr. Klobnak is a B.A.C. (Best American Craftsman-custom trumpet), Denis Wick (mouthpiece and mutes) and Westone Audio endorsed artist (ES20 and Tru Customs). Mr. Klobnak has played and recorded for numerous groups ranging from jazz, soul/R&B, indie-rock/pop and gospel. In addition to performing, he has also written two improvisation-based books called Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose and Breaking the Monotony and is currently an adjunct professor and brass instructor at Arapahoe Community College. Mr. Klobnak holds a bachelor degree from Drake University (Des Moines, IA) and a Master’s degree from the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music (Denver, CO).