A Modern Jazz Practice Routine & Play – Along

You need to work on technique, but are bored with the same routine?

One of the benefits I have found while working on my undergraduate degree was being able to play a Bill Adam styled trumpet routine with another trumpet player. This allowed us to rest at least as long as we played, and covered all of the important aspects of playing any brass player needs to be a successful musician.

That routine covered all of the important aspects of playing any brass player needs to be a successful musician: rhythm, tone, articulation/tonguing, slurring, range, endurance, dynamics, scales, arpeggios, etc.

However, you don’t need another trumpet player to help you out. You can use a metronome or drum machine to keep time, and you can play along to pre-recorded tracks or use a loop pedal to create your own accompaniment.

The Problem

It’s made for legit (classical/orchestral) trumpet players in mind. Probably like you, my focus was on Jazz/commercial music. 

The Solution

Adapt it to fit your needs. I did this intuitively many years ago. Others needed a little help so I created the Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine and Play-Along

What’s In It?

The type of exercises inside are probably familiar to most trumpet players: Clarke studies, flexibilities, range studies, Arban style arpeggios etc. All things that are good for your technique. But, this is different because each exercise has been adapted with a Jazz Practice Routine focus for you that also features elements from the Jazz Targeting Method.

Trumpet players need to be able to improvise and play with great technique. This routine will help you work on both

The play-along feature allows a player to hear and watch an exercise example at a moderate tempo and then play it immediately afterwards. While every good teacher preaches having good time; this play-along has another sweet benefit:

A Boring Metronome?

Who needs another one of those? There is probably one on your phone that never gets used. Well, maybe you use the tuner function.

A basic metronome is boring. Tick.Tick.Tick. It can be torture.

How to Use It:

Download the Jazz Practice Routine…For FREE

There’s a form underneath the videos below that will take 10 seconds to fill out and an email will be sent to you with the PDF sheet music.

Play-along with the ‘A’ Day

A Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine that highlights key areas in a major key. This A-Day routine will help improve your technique while keeping things interesting.

Play-along with the ‘B’ Day

This play-along highlights key areas in a minor key. This B-Day routine will help improve your facility and recognition for songs that common minor progressions.

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