To the first day of your Album Experience!


Behind the Scenes


You don't know what's happening. That's why we're given a small perspective. It's often too overwhelming to see the big picture.

The theme of this album is to Suck Less. Make each day a little better by making it suck less. One of the ways you can do that is by grafting yourself in to something better.

If you're not a botanist; you may be wondering what is grafting? It's a term used in planting and gardening. Grafting a plant whose roots are prone to a soil disease onto a rootstock that is resistant to that disease would allow that plant to grow successfully where it would otherwise have problems.

The cool thing that happens is that the new plant that grows from the grafting shares DNA from both plants and creates unique fruit. It made the plant that was on the brink of disaster into something desirable. That made the plant suck less, right?

Here's how you make your day suck less by grafting in:

Find that person or community that makes your life better and invest yourself into them! Life is messy, though. It's not going to be perfect...and that's ok. You're not looking for perfect. Just suck less 😁

SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: Join that community (or person) and make their day suck less. Do it without strings attached and no expectations of reciprocation. It's not for everyone, which is why people don't do it anymore. But when you do; it always has positive returns!

Looking for a community to graft in?

Here are some recommendations for you:

Faith Based Community

Not a religious institution, but a group of people that have the same beliefs as you. They're not perfect, either. And that's ok.

(inspiration for this song came from Romans 11:17)

J's Ruckus!

We're not perfect, but we'll love you like you're one of our friends & family. Come to our events. Send us messages - we reply! You can start today by joining or starting a discussion below!

Interest Based Community

Like to cook? Exercise? Play ball? Where's your favorite community? Spend time with them. But, guess what? They're not perfect either. And that's ok.