Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose Reviews

Targeting has really zeroed in on some very essential aspects of improvisation for the jazz and commercial player. Perfect for those new to the art or advancing players – check it out!

Al Hood
Associate Professor of Trumpet
Lamont School of Music
Jazz and Solo Artist

I enjoyed reading your book! Some nice stuff. Good luck with your book!

Joe Magnarelli
Jazz Trumpet Artist-Brooklyn, NY

…its conciseness is a large part of its appeal: Klobnak has an approach, he tells you what it is, and he provides a limited number of practice materials in all keys to help convey his idea. In this reviewer’s experience, students of jazz are sometimes comforted by the thought that they are being taught something concrete that works and sounds cool. This book has the potential to act for students in that way.”

ITG Journal
Vol. 37, No. 1 October 2012 pg. 93

I am quite impressed with this book, such a crucial technique for Jazz. Students deserve a thorough and complete book like this one

David Valdez
Jazz Saxophone- Portland, OR
Casa Valdez Studios
Targeting Book Review

I’ve been using the book for a while and I’m starting to see some great results on the new licks I am adding to my library-targeting works!

Jim Manley
Trumpet Artist-St. Louis, MO

Targeting offers jazz musicians of all ability levels with a systematic approach to enhancing their improvisational skills. The techniques and practical exercises contained within the book will help get the ideas discussed under your fingers and into your playing. Highly recommended!

Steve Gilbertson
Jazz Pianist- Minneapolis, MN

In his book, Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose, Jason Klobnak has put together an outstanding resource for targeting that will inspire an challenge serious jazz players of all backgrounds and ability levels. Although I was already familiar with targeting, I purchased Jason’s book to get a different perspective on the approach. I was excited to see that Jason explored targeting in several ways that I hadn’t considered previously. I look forward to learning a lot from the book in the months and years ahead as I absorb and implement the new concepts for targeting. As Jason says in the book’s introduction, it is important for improvisors to have many tools available to draw from at any moment. If you are frustrated by other approaches to improvisation, if you are looking for a new way to look at things, or if you are familiar with targeting but want to get some fresh ideas, I highly recommend checking out Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose”

Eric Stone
Arvada, CO

I’ve taken several courses, read books, been given alot of material but have’t really been able to organize those ideas in a way in which I can have a serious “plan of attack” on how to approach improvisation. Your book is the closest thing to making sense to me than anything I’ve read.

Art Rocha
McAllen, TX

Jason Klobnak is a very talented and accomplished musician and composer. I admire his improvisations and am looking forward to being sharpened in my improvisations through the excellent teaching in this book.

Angelique Matthews
Denver, CO

I find it practically done, easy to read and understand. Lots of concepts that I already ‘heard’ but forgot…

Jean-Claude Giffaut
Orleans, France

It’s given me a different and fresh outlook on how to improvise and walk bass lines.

Corbin Jones
Jazz Bass-Denver, CO & Los Angeles, CA


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