With a 51 page harmonic options PDF in all 12 keys!

Stuck on the same progression?

Whether you are writing a new song or trying to find something different to use over that new melody…your harmonic options can be the most frustrating to pick.

This is a free lesson on diatonic harmony that comes with a PDF for a quick shortcut to putting together diatonic progressions. Use them verbatim, change their durations, or mix and match to create something unique.

Not only do you get the free lesson on diatonic harmony, but you get a 51-page PDF with numerous harmonic options in all 12 keys! Take part of a progression from one key and combine it with another in a different one. It’s a wonderful way to create diatonic chord changes like your favorite composers!

The same method of composition you will learn is the same used in songs from J’s Ruckus & the JKQ.

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51 – Pages

In all 12 keys exploring diatonic chord progressions


You get cadential patterns, modal interchange, deceptive cadences, and more!

What You Get

A Free Lesson

A short lesson on how to use the accompanying Functional Harmony Options PDF. The lesson comes with a video and written instructions. 


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Endless Harmonic Possibilities

Ok…probably not endless. But, when you combine the options (and options in other keys); you have a deep well of harmonic content!

51 Pages + A Surprise Bonus!

It’s more than a skimpy list of ii – V – I progressions. You get all types of diatonic goodness ready for you to employ on your next song PLUS an additional surprise bonus!

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