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Breaking the Monotony

Whether you’re just starting out in jazz improvisation or looking to add an extra tool or two to your current arsenal-this book is for you!

Are your improvisations rhythmically bland? Then Breaking the Monotony will show you how you can break up the monotony and add a new layer of rhythmic interest to your solos!

If you are ready to break out of your rhythmic rut and go beyond your current plateau of playing, then Breaking the Monotony is for you! Breaking the Monotony will unveil some of the different ways you can energize your improvisation with rhythmic and conceptual ideas that help ‘break the monotony’ of the continuous eighth-note line.

Each chapter will unveil simple concepts that can influence your ideas to help you create a more effective and meaningful improvisation.

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Sample page from Breaking the Monotony:

Breaking the Monotony Sample 1Breaking the Monotony Sample 2


Klobnak’s concepts are presented in a clear and logical format. Breaking the Monotony is an excellent collection of exercises for intermediate to advanced improvisers who wish to add more rhythmic range and diversity to their solos.”

ITG Journal
Vol. 38, No. 2 January 2014 pg. 92

I like your books. They give fresh ideas, especially Breaking the Monotony which is full of ideas I use in my playing.

Uwe Poschkamp
Duesseldorf, Germany

I am at the beginner/intermediate level of learning improvisation and have found both of your books to be very useful.

Jim Crossan
Glasgow, Great Britain

…the most inspiring this is the idea of rhythmic quotes. It’s fun to do that and in fact it helps me a lot to be less ‘pointless’ while improvising. So YES: it is definitely adding value and benefit to my playing!

Uli Papke
Braunschweig, Germany