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Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose

Whether you’re just starting out in jazz improvisation or looking to add an extra tool or two to your current arsenal-this Targeting Jazz book is for you!

Do your improvisations wander and phrases seem disconnected? Then Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose will show you some of the different ways you can creatively target notes and turn your improvisation into more meaningful communication.

Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose is an approach that I have successfully used with myself, students and what I believe will help add value and benefit to your playing. This Targeting Jazz Book reveals  some of the many different ways we can creatively target notes and create a more meaningful message to our audience. These books are used by students and professionals all around the world.This link will take you to my digital store which has more information and a small preview of the book which is available as an E-book as well as a high-quality spiral bound printed edition. E-books are only $20.00 and the printed version is $35.00.


“Targeting has really zeroed in on some very essential aspects of improvisation for the jazz and commercial player. Perfect for those new to the art or advancing players – check it out!”

Al Hood
Associate Professor of Trumpet
Lamont School of Music
Jazz and Solo Artist

“I am quite impressed with this book, such a crucial technique for Jazz. Students deserve a thorough and complete book like this one”

David Valdez
Jazz Saxophone- Portland, OR
Casa Valdez Studios

“I’ve been using the book for a while and I’m starting to see some great results on the new licks I am adding to my library-targeting works!”

Jim Manley
Trumpet Artist-St. Louis, MO

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