Hark The Herald is simply a sweet holiday treat that goes down quick and easy.”

Dan Bilawsky
All About Jazz.com December 5th, 2016

Hark The Herald¬†has a more Modern Jazz or Crossover Jazz feel than the JKQ records, and it should therefor appeal in multiple formats (no reason Pop, AC, or FM outlets shouldn’t give it some play). What I like especially, though, is that, even with a more modern sound, the Jazz didn’t disappear…Sweet Mother of God! That is manna from heaven. That is where I live. Sweet Jesus!”

Martin Johns
Stubby’s Christmas Nov. 2016

“Working in a genre that drenches audiences in saccharine-sweet drivel, Klobnak and company capture the joy of the holidays genuinely, with no grinchery.”

Timothy Breckon
Breckon Facebook Reviews Nov. 2016