Jazz Etudes

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Two Great Jazz Etudes

Jazz Etudes are great for working on phrasing and demonstrating how to create flowing lines for a meaningful improvisation.

Two Jazz Etudes in one download and play-along. Work on your phrasing and articulation in a slow, medium, and fast tempo. These are the same etudes you can find in Targeting: Jazz Improvisation With Purpose.

Get the sheet music and play-along. Rest as long as you play by alternating with someone else virtually. All while getting a bop focused work out!

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Unique Experience

Work on phrasing, articulation, and line creation all while playing along with someone else virtually

Social Distancing

You can work on these etudes with a virtual rhythm section so you can keep social distancing

What You Get:

The Sheet Music. For Free.

There’s no need to transcribe the video. Sign up and get the sheet music for free! 

New Lines To Try Out.

Are you tired of playing the same licks over and over? Etudes can give you some fresh material to pick from 

See and Hear How It’s Done

Etudes can guide you in how lines were created as well as hear how they are to be interpreted

Virtual Play-Along

Try out the etudes with a virtual rhythm section. Make your mistakes with no one listening in!

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