Jason Klobnak EVENTS


9.20 w/ D.E.B. @ (private event). Golden, CO 6PM

9.21 w/ Soul School @ Fredrick Miner’s Day. Fredrick, CO 7PM

9.25 J’s RUCKUS @ Arapahoe Community College. Littleton, CO 7PM

9.27 w/ Soul School @ Nissi’s. Lafeyette, CO 7:30PM

9.28 w/ Soul School @ Dynamite Days. Idaho Springs, CO 7PM


10.4 w/ Soul School @ Prime. Centennial, CO 9PM

10.5 w/ D.E.B. @ (private event). Vail, CO 7PM

10.10 w/ Soul School @ (private event). Genessee, CO 7PM

10.18 w/ Soul School @ Live at Jacks. Denver, CO 9:30PM


11.1 JKQ @ Stranahan’s Copper & Chords. Denver, CO 7PM

11.15 w/ Soul School @ Live at Jacks. Denver, CO 9:30PM

11.23 w/ Soul School @ Earth, Wind, Fire Tribue at the Soiled Dove. 7PM

11.29 w/ Soul School @ the Kasbah. Aurora, CO 7:30PM


12.6 w/ Soul School @ Prime. Centennial. CO 9PM

12.13 w/ Jacob Larson Band @ (private event). Denver, CO 7PM

(not included in this list are all college courses and private lessons)

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