To the fifth day of your Album Experience!


You've been wrongfully accused of something that you didn't do.

It should be an easy fix, right? You didn't do it and probably have proof that it wasn't you. The problem is, your word doesn't carry much weight. It takes the word of another person to tip the scale. The more powerful and influential the better. 

Imagine that you just sold your home to a new buyer because you have moved out of state. The new buyer loves the home so much that they skip the inspection process. They move in and enjoy the home for a few months. They decide that they want to remodel the basement and tear down the drywall of the basement that was finished before you bought the home. They discovered a crack in the foundation. The crack is so large that you can see daylight!

Surely you knew about this crack that was in the foundation hiding behind a finished basement that was completed before you bought the house? No? But, you have proof of that so it should be fine.

Yet, it's not. The proof and your word were not enough. So the buyer decides to sue you and take you to small claims court...in the state that you no longer live in. What do you do?

It takes the expertise of someone more powerful and influential to help tip the scale. In this case, you hire a reputable attorney. A suit. 

Unfortunately, the judge will not throw out the frivolous lawsuit because they see you now live out of state. You are required to travel back and attend the hearing (at much cost to you).

Thankfully, your advocate (the suit), knows how to represent you. The trial begins and the new homeowner represents himself. After 5 minutes the judge silences him and asks, "I see you waived an inspection. This is a waste of everyone's time." The judge (another suit) apologizes to you for having to travel all of that way for a 5-minute trial and dismisses the case.

Crazy story, right? 

Well, this happened to me and I wrote Suit not long afterwards. The repetitive melody along with the echoing delays were our multiple attempts at proving our innocence. It took someone in a suit (our attorney) to tip the scale!

SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: If you can't seem to prove your innocence or need an advocate to make your day suck less; whom would you seek out? Even better - whom can you be the suit to make their day suck less?

Looking for a way to be a suit?

Here are some recommendations for you:

Your circle

Sometimes we don't notice our friends or community needs help. They don't always say it, either. How can you be their suit today?

J's Ruckus!

We ALWAYS need your advocacy! We are an independent band that's not corporately owned or funded by a major label. We grow because of advocates like you. Tell somebody about us. Connect us with people you know that will help us grow!

Homeless or Animal Shelter

Serve in your community. I guarantee there is a person or an animal that needs your advocacy or help. Be a suit.