To day 6 of your Album Experience!

DAY 6 


You need to let loose!

Some days you have to put everything down and dance like no one's watching (or maybe they are?).


This was the encore song of the night. We had already finished performing the regularly scheduled concert and were asked to perform one more.


Instead of standing around thinking about tunes we all knew; we thought we would do an experiment:

We took a simple melody. Picked a key and went for it. Nothing else was pre-planned. We let loose and let whatever might happen - happen. And it was great!

SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: You can make your day suck less by finding the joy in the unplanned and unexpected things. Don't plan it. Be spontaneous and make someone else's day suck less. Just because. Stuck in a rut? Pull this song out and dance to it like no is watching (although someone might be).

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