J's Ruckus

Suck Less

  • Less than 100 printed! Don't wait until they're gone
  • 100% Independent and Original Music
  • Recorded Live

"This was hypnotizing!"

Kalyca McGuire

The Arapahoe Pinnacle - Littleton, CO

"Man, I Dig!"

Mike Corrigan

President of B.A.C. Music Kansas City, MO


The entire album was recorded live. No 'second takes.' What you see & hear is what you get! WE DID IT LIVE


No cover tunes here...this is ALL original music to remind you that perfection is impossible. Just Suck Less everyday!


We're not run by a record label, managers, or other corporate influence. This allows us to create OUR music for YOU

You scrolled all the way down here...so why not pick one up?

This is something special, unique, and limited...just for you! We're trying to create a ruckus and that can only be done by doing things differently.

Instead of having thousands of copies floating around; you could be one of our TOP 100 fans by having the album first...

Copyright 2020 Jason Klobnak Music Inc, all rights reserved.


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