To day 2 of your Album Experience!

DAY 2 


Perfection is impossible. The goal should be to suck a little less each day. That’s where we see improvement. It’s a saying I started years ago with musicians I led as a music director at a church in the Denver area. It’s expanded into a movement with students at the college I teach. It's also fun to say!

To drive the point home; I bought bright yellow buttons and gave them out to each musician. Some of you may remember that. If we ran into a musical problem during rehearsal; I pointed to my button. It was a fun reminder that something needed to be worked on and to make it suck less next time. I even wore it on the inside of my suit coat so I could easily flash it to them during services!


There are mounting pressures and expectations put on us from various angles in life. Instead of being anxious or stressed about them; it’s far better to take them on one at a time. Make that one thing suck a little less today to the best of your ability. Improvement happens over time…not overnight.


It applies to just about everything. What if I made my attitude suck less today? What if as a member of my community, I made someone else’s day suck less? There’s a lot of good things in life and there’s plenty of things that suck. 


So, make it Suck Less.

SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: What's one thing you want to improve today? No; not all of those. Just one. Pick one for today. Work on it and make it suck less. Do it again tomorrow. Then the next day. Over time it will get better. Small chunks at a time. Remember the tortoise and the hare?

What to do next:

  1. 1
    Step 1. What's that one thing?

    What's your one thing you want to improve? Just one.
  2. 2
    Step 2. Post your comment below

    Tell us what it is! Sometimes the hardest step is the first one and that can be identifying the one thing. Stats show you're more likely to work on it once you write it down.
  3. 3
    Step 3. Ask a question or respond to someone else

    What question do you have about today? Maybe 'how should I start on my one thing?' Or leave a nice reply on someone else's question.