Day 3


DAY 3 


Have you ever been to a concert that was hypnotizing? That's what Kalyca McGuire said when she came to the J's Ruckus concert where this album was recorded. You can read her article here.

One of the things that made this concert hypnotizing is that we brought a complete stranger (Sarah) on the bandstand to create a chorus on the fly with Alan 'Soul Daddy' Brooks. You never know what might happen when you attempt an un-rehearsed human element in a live setting. It's scary. Your palms sweat. You never know if it will work out or not. 


If you watched the video above, you saw the whole story unfold in real time. Sarah (our guest on stage) was not only a good sport; but she was a great singer as well! Their banter on stage was priceless.


The song title is something that parents have to say (more than once) to their children throughout their life. It's a non-condescending way to warn them that something bad might come from their action. The way your leg is's probably not supposed to do that. Holding those scissors to your's probably not supposed to do that


SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: Here's your daily motivational tip for making your day (or someone else's day) suck less. When you're trying to improve that one thing we talked about yesterday; you may come across a moment where your gut says, "it's probably not supposed to do that." Listen to your gut. Measure it (what your gut is saying - not your waistline). Is it saying it out of unnecessary fear? Ignore and make it suck less. Is it saying it out of survival? You may want to listen. Your's probably not supposed to do that.

What was your favorite moment in the song?

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The whole thing
Bringing Sarah Up
The instrumental part