Day 4


DAY 4 


This (and tomorrow's) song is one of the oldest on the album. Both were originally written in 2011, but never felt finished. The melody and chords were done, but never felt right. Until J's Ruckus was formed. Add a pinch of this and a dash of that..voila! An instant classic that one audience member said moved her to tears.

What was the pinch and dash? An extended intro where we let look Eric Erhardt (tenor sax) and Jeff Jenkins (keys) loose. No plan. No rehearsal. Raw and original musicianship.


SUPER SIZED SUCK LESS PRO TIP: Here's your daily motivational tip for making someone else's day suck less. Everybody has their moments. Everybody has a bad day. You're guaranteed to run into somebody today that's having one. What can you do to lift them up today? What can you do to make their day suck less? How can you be the hero in their story? Do it for them today because you'll need someone like that tomorrow. 

You never know what someone is going through. I was having a rough day because of a situation with a negative co-worker. A friend came over to my office later in the day with a cup of coffee from my favorite place and said, "Thought you might need this today." On the cup was written tough times don't last - tough people do. Hang in there Andy. To say it made my day was an understatement.

Andy jones