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A Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine & Play Along.

Practice Routines - with a Jazz Focus

Alternating practice routines keeps the mind and chops engaged while working on the technique necessary to be able to fluidly improvise on your instrument. 

A Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine & Play Along. This video is meant to be an "A-Day" and the Minor Day video to be a "B-Day." 

Get the sheet music and play-along. Rest as long as you play by alternating with someone else virtually. All while getting a Jazz-focused work out!

  • 100% FREE: Sign-up to receive the sheet music and both the A-Day (Major keys) and B-Day (Minor keys) will be emailed to you
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Work on technique, endurance, range, etc all while playing along with someone else
  • NO BORING METRONOMES: Your time is important and you get to use recordings from the incredible app - DrumGenius instead of a boring metronome

What you get:


There's no need to transcribe the video. Sign up and get the sheet music for free!

Jazz focused...

The regular routine methods are great, but leave the Jazz or commercial focused player feeling left out. This blends both wonderfully!

Daily Motivation...

Tired of the same routine or practice schedule? Change it up!

Virtual Play-Along

Do your routine with someone else that won't hear or call out your mistakes!

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