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For the people whom I hold in the highest and closest regard in my heart:


They are my tribe. My people. Who do I consider my friends & family? That list is full of relatives and those that are so close that they might as well be. They are those that walk with you through life’s events whether it is convenient for them or not. They are those that ask the hard questions that help keep you moving forward and growing into your full potential. They are from all walks of life, hues of color, and rich in personality.

When you listen to this album I want you to feel like you are a part of our friends and family. The type of family that helps you escape your day. The type of family that is not limited to sharing genes, but a shared passion for infectious music. The type of family where you feel invited rather than obligated. The type of friends that you can relax and feel like yourself as if you were at home.

These compositions are a mere handful of those I wanted to highlight by writing songs and dedicating this album. They have affected my life, supported my music, and genuinely love me for who I am. To these particular Friends & Family: Thank You.