College prof uses 2 word motivational phrase as basis for new album


Perfection is impossible. Your goal should be to suck less every day. It's a simple 2-word motivational phrase Jason Klobnak (trumpet player in J's Ruckus) uses with his college students to remind them to take life one step at a time.

It became the basis for their latest album which was recorded live in Littleton, CO in September of 2019. The experience starts February 10th, 2019!

  • 100% ORIGINAL: No overplayed covers. Brand new original music fusing Jazz & Hip Hop
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Because we're all tired of the same bands doing the same thing
  • GET THE ALBUM FREE: Wait, what?

What you get:


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Behind the Scenes

What did it take to get this album off the ground? We had some hurdles to overcome...

Daily Motivation...

J's Ruckus style

One day. One song. Daily motivation. We've created a daily story about each song that will leave you laughing, inspired, or...motivated

Unique Experience

We involved the audience during the recording. We want to involve YOU now. Interactive Q&A without heading to a different site

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